Meredith Roseblossom

Wild Sorceress/Warlock with a Fae friend


Wild Magic Sorcerer 3 / Warlock 1
Far Traveller
AC: 14 HP: 28 STR: 10 DEX: 18 CON: 14 INT: 11 WIS: 11 CHA: 19
SAVING THROWS: St: 0 De: 4 Co: +4 In: 0 Wi: 0 Ch: +6
Light Crossbow: +5 1d8
Two Daggers: 5 1d43
Spell DC: 14 Spell Attack: +6
Naturally Stealthy (hide behind creature 1 size larger)
Lucky (reroll a 1 on any attack, ability check, saving throw)
Brave (adv on being frightened)
Wild Magic Surge (roll d20 on a 1 roll wild magic table)
Tides of Chaos (adv on roll, recharge on long rest of after wild surge)
Metamagic 3
Quickened Spell (2pts turn one action into 1 bonus action)
Empowered Spell (1 sorcery point to reroll a number of damage dice equal to casting mod)
Archfae Patron: Gord
Fey presence: Charm/Frighten 10ft. cube on failed DC wis save.


I want you to meet Meredith Roseblossom. She’s a far travelling wanderer (backstory from sword coast adventure guide) lightfoot halfling who hails from a shireford many a merry mile away! From humble origins, her boot farmer parents could not afford to feed their large family so it was tradition for the children to leave their home at the age or 16. Her wanderlust has brought her through many lands where she has learnt a lot about human nature and her place in the world. Naturally loving, she’s become somewhat of an open polyamorous person who some would describe as a little wonton, or slutty. An optimistic pragmatist, she has helped many a commoner on her journey in exchange for lodgings and food. In her journeys she lost her walking stick and had to fashion a new one deep in a forest. Little did she know that the tree she cut her stick from was magical in origins, its roots reaching deep into the faewyld. Normally when a magical tree from the faewyld is harmed the fae kill the person who felled it. Luckily, through her wit and charismatic attitude she was able to convince the fae to spare her life, but in exchange they gave her three seeds which she had to plant in far distant lands. She has already planted one of the seeds and continues to look for suitable places to plant her remaining seeds which she keeps in a sac around her neck. The fae also offered to help Meredith out more by shaping a light crossbow out of the wood from her magical stick. Now, with her magical crossbow focus, she can tap into wyld fae magic and cast powerful spells that she has little to no understanding of! With an upbeat attitude our young adventurer continues to travel the lands doing good and aiding others.
The setback to having such a powerful weapon is that the drawstring whispers to her which reveals things but gives her terrible nightmares at night After her run in the the fae she awoke in a glade believing she dreamt the whole thing, but to her side was a crossbow and on her neck hung a packet with three seeds. Meredith then knew that what had happened to her was no dream but real. She immediately planted one of the seeds next to where the sapling she had cut down stood and began walking on her never ending adventure. Later that day after becoming hungry she began to hunt. Off in the distance she spotted a tasty looking hare. She levelled her crossbow and began rummaging for a bolt all the while imagining roasting that hare over an open fire. Suddenly and unexpectedly a bolt of fire shot out from her bow, scorching the hare in the distance. It was then that Meredith began to understand the importance of the sapling she struck down, and learnt that the wood that made up her crossbow and seeds were magically imbued. She spent her days attempting to do many different things with her bow to see what she was capable of doing. She quickly learnt that she had the power to do spectacular things such as shooting fire, making small illusions and tricks, and once even shielding herself from a falling boulder in a mountain pass. She also learnt that there were many limitations and sometimes random and dangerously unexpected effects would appear from her bow or seed pouch. She spent one hole day as a pot of flowers before her fae benefactors turned her back, laughing all the while. On some evenings they would commune with her, speaking through the vibrations of the draw string on her bow. The more she practiced they told her, the more she could do. And eventually they told her she could become one of the most powerful casters on this plane with their guidance.

Meredith Roseblossom

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