The Tower

Edward Carlyle of Spectre

The history of Spectre

The group emerged magically restored into the enchanted forest. From the edge of this overgrown world, they see a large ringed city at the center of the world. As they begin to make their way towards it, they hear a soft interruption from the trees above. A tall elderly elf slides down one of the tall trees and asks why you would enter the city. 
After some confusion, the elf introduces himself as Edward Carlyle. He's the last living creature in this world and explains the history of this world to you. 

The redwoods that grew near the base swelled with light, and after some years, this world’s inhabitants emerged from within the trees. At the center of this world they met and founded a great city. Born with immense knowledge of their world, these elves dedicated their lives to the practice of magic. An easy hierarchy formed and the people worked hard to support their pursuits and to avoid causing harm to any they encountered. Some explored, some studied, some worked at everyday jobs to support this world and all enjoyed this paradise.

After some years, the realization that they could not hope to continue this world alone dawned on them and the leaders drew up a plan to maintain the population. A small town would be developed away from the city where new elves could be conceived and educated. Ashton was formed high in the forests and the population was normalized. Children were bred infrequently and though their education was strict, this new generation brought an unusual element of chaos to the world. They lacked the overwhelming understanding of their purpose and rebelled against the long-established systems. The easy hierarchy now had to deal with new ideas, crime, and pursuits that caused imbalance in this world.

700 years ago something terrible happened in spectre. Though some of the young elves caused chaos for this place, there were others who fit happily enough into the world. Edward Carlyle was one of them. He grew up and made great friends, studied hard and explored the forest freely. He studied magic and herbalism with an old woman high in the forest.

The magic in Spectre was gone.

The Kiehl family held meetings with many people and after years they emerged from the castle walls. “Our purpose has ended and to survive we must abuse this world. Even then we may last only a few more generations and our numbers must be greatly reduced. We will not live at the expense of any creature. Our people will no longer procreate. Ashton will now be dedicated to the study of this phenomenon in the hopes that we may one day return to our pursuit of the mastery of magic.”

It never happened though. Magic never returned and the people toiled their lives away pointlessly. Many of the younger generation died chained in the dungeons of Kielhs Kastle. The people fought amongst themselves and some hid in the forest hunting to excess until they were caught and executed. The population dwindled and stability was restored at great cost. Many became historians and some catalogued the plants of this world but these were pursuits that were mastered quickly in such a limited space.


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