The Tower

Edward Carlyle of Spectre Cont

Edward agrees to travel with your party and his excitement to interact with other living beings is noticeable. He tells you all about the city and leads you to the temple where we run into Gord and Tellerous again. Gord's got some interest in the world above and seems to care less and less about what Meredith is doing. Meredith, Alazander, and Rei are offered gifts and this temple and Ciaran makes an offering to replace the destruction the gods have again caused. Rei feels at home in this world and their beliefs align closely with Alazander's as well.  Though the guardians are upset with your squad they're happy enough to see another offering of peace made. Edwards confused and a little wary and this is only amplified as Meredith walks into a hunting trap in the market in search of this magical vegetable growth. Her incredible defensive skills allow her to survive but many of the wolves are not as lucky. Edward's completely dismayed by your actions and can't understand why you felt the need to interrupt the predator and prey balance here. He feels this could have been easily avoided and has gone silent.


K real talk I feel like Edward shouldn’t be mad at me cause I was only trying to help. Even though I DID instigate the whole thing by telling Meredith she should go first…

Also, just want to clarify: how many total generations have lived in this part of the Tower? Is Edward the second generation and there was a third generation after him that was rebellious? Was the latest generation the one that was left to rot in the dungeons?

I also have serious plans to woo Edward over to our side again by explaining to him the magic and philosophy of Tellerious.

Edward Carlyle of Spectre Cont
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