The Tower

The Halved Mountain

Strange Meetings in an Ancient Place

Three creatures from distant lands answer an odd letter. At the last waypoint before the halved mountain, they stop to rest and discover they are not the only one to receive this letter. A half-elf name Alezander is the only other patron in the bar and the letters intrigue him. Ciaran is the first to arrive and sits quietly alone at the bar. Meredith gets to the waypoint next and immediately engages everyone willing to talk to her. Alazander shares a bit of the reason why he's come in search of this place and while Ciaran's interest is peaker, a loud young woman enters the bar, sits down, and starts shuffling a deck of tarot cards. The group finally compares their letters and Al gets a chance to inspect each of them. It's an easy realization that this is an identical script but what's odd is that it seems to be written in an incredibly hurried hand. Rei reads the others' tarot cards and quickly establishes herself as a skilled diviner. The group continues to bond and makes their way to the top of this mountain where they discover a gate that the letter must surely reference. Ciaran drives and arrow through the center of it and he, Meredith, and Rei are sucked into nothingness. Al standing there watching this hears Tellerius shout go and a glowing yellow light projects him through the gate and onto a grassy plain. The sky is a sickly green and you can see that miles above you is a rocky roof covered in plant growth. You've reached the other half of the mountain. Your first interaction with the people here is an uncomfortable one but their opinion of you quickly changes as you make fast work of the dam preventing their access to water. Toren has work to do but will meet you back in the tavern to thank you properly later.


Also, Alazander nearly drowned, both in water and bloody beaver fur.

The Halved Mountain
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